Dust Free Sanding

Floor sanding is part of the wood floor restoration process. Most solid or engineered wood flooring can be sanded depending on the age and condition of the floor, including parquet and herringbone floorboards. Sanding a wood floor can also level out worn areas of high traffic and make old wooden floors look new.

Wood floor sanding removes old layers of varnish, dirt, scratches, scuffs and other imperfections, bringing out the beautiful natural patterns and grain of the wood floor, leaving a smooth, neat, clean and professional finish which allows for a new durable finish to be applied, enhancing the beauty of the entire room.

As you may expect, floor sanding creates a lot of dust, as the process removes a very fine layer of wood. However, we pride ourselves in the exceptionally high standards of not only the preparation of the floor for sanding, but also for the almost complete lack of dust after sanding.

Modern Floor Sanding machines reduce dust released to the air to an absolute minimum. We use the best quality modern floor sanding machines which are highly efficient at retaining the dust created. The actual dust discharge will not exceed 2mg per cubic metres.

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