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Over 20 years of experience of wood floor restoration and maintenance.


The Wood Floor Restoration and Maintenance Specialists

Heritage Floor Restoration have developed many unique ways to enhance and refurbish wooden floors,
Mainly due to their vast amount of experience (over 20 Years) and training with most of the leading suppliers to the trade. These will include the likes of Treatex, Morrells, Junkers, Osmo, Bonachemi, Granwax, Sport England, and many more.

We use a variety of finishes depending on the customer’s needs and their aesthetic requirements, this may include, Staining using base colours and then sealing the floors after with waxes, hard wax oils or lacquers, All of these finishes are suitable for domestic environments and can in some case be used in commercial areas.

The Floor Repairs we do are very often completely invisible, due to our unique methods of removal and replacement using well matched timbers from our stock that we hold.

Please view our facebook page and our Blog to see many of our floors that we have done over the year’s right up to the most recent ones.

The Machinery that we use at Heritage Floor Restoration Is Truly DUST FREE! Please look at our reviews that are on Google for an insight to how dust free we actually are. The greatest amount of care is taken by our technicians in your home and the owners of the business work alongside them this usually gives most customers piece of mind that we are there right through the job from survey to the last coat.

Heritage Floor Restoration looks forward to working with you.

Areas Covered:

We cover all of South West England form our Somerset base including:



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Floor Restoration

Floor Restoration

We offer a whole range of wood flooring restoration services, including floor sanding, installation and wood finishes.
Hardwax Oil & Staining

Hardwax Oil & Staining

The two most popular wood floor finishes are Lacquer (Varnish) and Oil (Hard Wax Oil).
Dust Free Sanding

Dust Free Sanding

All contemporary floor sanders come equipped with a dust capturing bags, which comes quite useful and reduces by a large percentage the dust released in the air.
Court Marking

Court Marking

Heritage Flooring Restoration all ways use the latest paints, technology and equipment to complete all line marking installations, on all floorings, we can line mark practically any surface.

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Wood Floor Supply and Fit somerset

Wood Floor Supply and Fit

Heritage Floor Restoration supply & fit high quality wood flooring either engineered or solid wood.
Commercial & Domestic

Commercial & Domestic

Heritage Floor Restoration is an established restoration and renovation company specialising in both domestic and commercial premises.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I change the colour of my floor?
Yes. Staining a floor a different colour is possible. After the floor has been sanded the floor can be stained a darker colour. We use a number of water based stains and have a wide variety of shades to choose from.
My floor has black paint around the edges!
Many properties have this black tar like substance around the edge. All is removed during the sanding process using a coarse grit abrasive.
How long will my room be out of action?
A room that measures 20 sq meters will take a day for sanding and finishing.

Drying time of the finish itself depends of two things: environment of the room – humidity, temperature etc. (in warm and ventilated room, the floor finish will dry faster) and the type of the finish – Lacquer base finishes can get dry for 2-6 hours; Oil based finishes can take 24 hours to get dry.

Try not to move furniture back in the room for 48 hours allowing the floor to cure properly.

My floor has gaps between the boards
We can fill the gaps using clean fine sawdust from your floor, which we mix with a Lecol filler. If gaps between floor boards wider than 2mm we would use slivers cut from reclaimed boards and glue them in place before final sanding
How should I maintain my floor?
Maintenance of wooden flooring is easy. New technology in lacquers and finishes means that it takes little more than sweeping or vacuuming with the occasional use of a professional wood floor cleaning product.

Place a good quality doormat to help protect the floor from grit, dirt and sand.

What are the benefits or wooden flooring?
Wooden floors are both renewable and recyclable. Bacteria, dust and dirt do not embed themselves in wooden flooring, unlike other flooring options.

Millions of people suffer from sensitivity to dust and toxins. Tests have proven that wooden flooring provides a healthier environment for these allergy sufferers.

Is it really dust free?
All our machines are virtually dust free. The only dust discharge is 2 mg per cubic meter.
Is it noisy?
Yes, it is quite noisy, particularly on the first day. When all machines are working you may want to go out for the day, or arrange for someone to look after young children.
Should I decorate my room first, or have the floors sanded first?
Yes, Decorate but only under-coat the skirting boards and carry out any plumbing or electrical work prior to having your floor sanded.
Lacquer (varnish) and Oil (Hard Wax Oil), what's the difference?
A lacquered flooring will give a shiny reflective effect leaving the room feeling fresh and clean. Being lacquered makes it a harder wearing floor and a great way to make a room feel larger.

An oiled flooring has an aged feel to it giving a room an authentic warm atmosphere. Great for areas that have high traffic volumes such as receptions.

An oiled floor will require a maintenance coat to be applied every 16 – 24 months for residential or 4 – 6 month for floors with commercial use.

Wood Floor restoration somerset
floor restoration somerset

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